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A curated list of Parcel plugins, articles, etc.







  • Vue.js - Vue single file components support.
  • Svelte - Svelte support.
  • Angular - Angular support.

JavaScript dialects, other languages

  • TypeScript - Enhanced TypeScript integration.
  • BuckleScript - Plugin that enables BuckleScript support
  • Elm - Plugin that enables Elm support.
  • LightScript - Example plugin for loading LightScript.
  • Emscripten - Plugin for Emscripten support.
  • Fable - Enable F# support via Fable + Babel.


  • ESLint - Plugin for ESlint support.
  • Bundle Manifest - Plugin for generating a bundle manifest.
  • AppCache - Plugin for generating an appcache manifest.
  • Inline SVG - Plugin that enables inline svg support.
  • Wrapper - Plugin that wraps output files with custom text or code.
  • Url-Loader - Plugin that enables convert image to base64 in .js.
  • Google Closure - Plugin that uses Google Closure compiler to minify and tree-shake JavaScript.
  • Image minification - Plugin that uses imagemin to minify images on build
  • Bundle Visualiser - Plugin to visualise bundle contents (the parcel version of webpacks webpack-bundle-analyzer)
  • css to style object import css as object
  • SW Precache Plugin to generate a service worker file that will precache resources so they work offline. (PWA)
  • react-native-web - Plugin that enables react-native-web support.
  • web-extension - Plugin that enables to use a WebExtension manifest.json as an entry point.
  • Static Files Copy - Plugin that copies static files into bundle directory.
  • Inliner - Inlines all your CSS, JS and images in a single HTML file. Great for small websites.
  • PurifyCSS - Removes unused selectors from your CSS files using PurifyCSS.
  • PurgeCSS - Removes unused selectors from your CSS files using PurgeCSS.
  • Modernizr - Generates a custom modernizr build
  • Watch Reload - Watches files outside of parcel bundles and sends a reload request to parcel if they change
  • HTML Interpolation - Interpolation plugin that gives you option to use your .env variable inside HTML
  • Static ZIP - Provide archived local directory in the static build. Useful for BrowserFS.
  • Shebang - Add a shebang to the output files (useful for CLI applications).
  • data-src - Bundles resources defined in data-srcset and data-src HTML attributes.
  • compress - Precompresses (gzip, brotli) build output with @gfx/zopfli and brotli

Integration with other languages, frameworks

  • parcel-rails - Ruby On Rails gem, for easier integration into Rails applications








Contributions welcome! Read the contribution guidelines first.



To the extent possible under law, Maksim Karelov has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.