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@pardeike pardeike released this Aug 8, 2018 · 226 commits to master since this release

This new release of Harmony combines all the small changes and improvements made and found while testing v1.1:

logging ldstr with format strings no longer corrupts the output
Traverse has direct value manipulation with .Value property
fixed a casting error in inlineswitch
make MethodInvoker call restricted methods
the project got updated to the new package format
fix for RuntimeMethodHandle/IRuntimeMethodInfo error
better error reporting for exceptions during patching
AccessTools can now return declared methods, properties and constructors
improvements in removal of patches
creation of a nuget package for several .NET frameworks
make Type[].Description null reference safe
Transpilers.MethodReplacer now adapts to call types dynamically
patch attributes got a better API while keeping backwards compatibility
fixed access control on getters and setters
new super cool read-write access to private instance fields
specify arguments and injected fields by naming them with index
much improved self patching

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