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Pardus-Anka 2013-devel package repository
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desktop synaptiks dep +
editor medit url up
game Simgear missing dep.
hardware sane-backends dep +
kernel added dutch translation
multimedia plex-media-server fixed
office v.bump : calligra-l1on 2.6.1
science tuxtype: daktilo öğretmeni yeni paket.
server postgresql cosmetic.
system v.bump: glib2
tex lyx: version bump
util version bump: p11-kit
x11 add missing dep. mesa
beta1 [merge-beta1] beta1 text add repo
bilesen-sorumlulari.txt bilesen-sorumlulari.txt fixed
components.xml compenents.xml fixed
distribution.xml distribution.xml add db4-java
groups.xml compenets.xml groups.xml add compenent and group
list-of-COMAR-services.txt alsa-utils: systemd service
merge-fix-requests merge pls ff&tb holly captaine
pisi-index.xml pisi ix
pisi-index.xml.sha1sum pisi ix
pisi-index.xml.xz pisi ix
pisi-index.xml.xz.sha1sum pisi ix


Pardus ANKA Package Repository

This is a clone of Pardus-Linux PiSi packages repository for
Pardus ANKA.
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