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Estimate of Public Jupyter Notebooks on GitHub

Data Collection History

  • Late-2014 to mid-2016: I wrote a script that scrapes the GitHub web search UI for the count, appends to a CSV, executes a notebook, and stores the results in a gist at I scheduled the script to run daily.
  • Mid-2106 to Late-2016: The GitHub web search UI started requiring authentication to see global search results. I stopped collecting data.
  • Late-2016 to early-2019: I rewrote the process to include a human-in-the-loop who entered the hit count after viewing the search results page. I moved the CSV, notebook, and scripts to this repo, and sporadically ran the script.
  • Early-2019: I found out that the GitHub search API now supports global search. I automated the entire collection process again and set it to run on TravisCI on a daily schedule.
  • December 2020: GitHub changed their code search index results to exclude repositories without activity for the past year. The ipynb search result count dropped from nearly 10 million to 4.5 million ipynb files, stayed there for a day or so, and then began climbing again from that new origin.
  • June 2021: I started collecting data again but disabled the notebook showing the historical and predicted counts.
  • July 2021: I revived the notebook showing the historical counts but kept prediction disabled.


  • That the search query hits are less than or equal to the total number of *.ipynb files on GitHub.
  • That the result is not inflated due to GitHub forks.
    • Evidence: We do not see the tutorial notebooks from the ipython/ipython GitHub repository duplicated in the search results because of the 2,000+ forks of the ipython/ipython repo.
  • That the result is inflated a tiny bit by manually created duplicates of notebooks.
    • Evidence: Some people seem to download their favorite notebooks and then upload them into their own git repositories for safe keeping.


Estimate of Public Jupyter Notebooks on GitHub








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