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Mongo-PHP-ORM (M2.1)

Mongo wrapper and ORM extension for PHP
M2 is a part of propitiatory Homebase framework
M2 is licensed under MIT license (permissive free software licence)

Product is used in production since Aug 2012

FEATURES (most important)

  • ORM with relations, calculated fields, field aliases
  • Type support (custom type support), alternative type-based field representation
  • Enum(Hash) field type
  • Bells and whistles


  • simple compact clutter-less syntax
  • low level and ORM level extensions
    • maps mongo records to objects
    • you can extend this objects : add business logic, getters, setters, calculated fields
  • relation support (has_one, has_many)
  • field aliases ( long field names is unnessecary burden for bson based storage)
  • type support
    • basic and complex types (name, ip, phone, email, url, ...)
    • you can change existing types and your types
    • types are supported on ORM and non ORM levels
  • lots of useful functions and shortcuts
    • group by: mix/max/sum
    • index enforcement, mysql migration
  • declarative and easy to support config
    • configure autoload fields, in-memory entity caching
  • almost no overhead, written with performance in mind
  • magic fields - alternative fields(type) representation, for read/write
  • protection against mongo injections


  • php 5.4, APC, Mongo



Sergey Porfiriev


(C) 2010-2012


The MIT License (MIT) -