@smithsg84 smithsg84 released this Jul 8, 2016 · 63 commits to master since this release

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First release of ParFlow on Github.

Versioning is being changed over to semantic versioning style from previous version scheme used in the subversion repository. Releases will not longer include SVN revision in version number scheme.

This release contains the latest subversion 3.1.600 version plus some minor enhancements:

  • User Manual should now build using the makefile
  • Readme updated to use markdown tags so it will look better on Github
  • Basic git ignore file was added
  • Autoconf improvements
    • CPP was not being intialized correctly, causing some configure steps to fail
    • Endian check was not working correctly
    • Improved searching for 64 bit versions of TCL
  • Better C++ and ANSI C compliance, compiler warning messages fixed.
  • Sequential compilation issues where fixed, additional guards for MPI-IO calls
  • Fixed compiler issues with IBM XLC/XLF for Blue Gene systems