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ParFlow version 3.3.1 release.

ParFlow has undergone some significant additions since the 3.2.1 release plus bug fixes.

Thank you to all the ParFlow contributors, both past and present. Recent contributors since we have moved to GitHub may be found here:


Major new features:

  • NetCDF support was added.
    Many thanks to Ketan Kulkarni for adding I/O support for NetCDF. See the users manual for how to
    use NetCDF.

  • CMAKE configure support.
    CMAKE support is relatively mature and has been used on multiple platforms for configuring ParFlow.
    Autoconf support will be deprecated in a future ParFlow release but should still work in v3.3.0
    See the README-CMAKE.md file for how to configure with CMAKE.

  • Continuous integration testing.
    ParFlow is using TravisCI to do continuous integration testing on Linux Ubuntu builds.
    Code commits to the master branch should always build and pass the existing regressions tests.

  • ParFlow built and tested on a wider range of current HPC systems.
    This version of ParFlow has been successfully compiled on a wider ranger of HPC systems than v3.2.0.

  • Experimental support for building under Spack.
    See the README-Spack.md file for more information on building with Spack.

Major outstanding issues:

  • MacOS builds
    We are experiencing issues with configuration and building on MacOS. Including issues with Clang 4.x
    compiler releases; which is used in a number of XCode release. Also CMAKE is not

  • Clang 4.x
    The regression tests are failing for us when compiling with Clang 4.x releases. This has been observed
    under both MacOS and Linux.