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Added a function for producing aligned images in

1) An image containing the slices from static and moving images with different colur channel
is produced.
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Parichit Sharma
Parichit Sharma committed Jul 6, 2018
1 parent 8b35fea commit 56dbb2e19f2737cbfe0d82bf786844ef01b82982
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  1. +24 −3 dipy/workflows/
@@ -1,7 +1,6 @@
from __future__ import division, print_function, absolute_import
import logging
from dipy.align.reslice import reslice
from import load_nifti, save_nifti
from dipy.workflows.workflow import Workflow

import numpy as np
@@ -10,9 +9,12 @@
MutualInformationMetric, AffineRegistration)
from dipy.align.transforms import (TranslationTransform3D, RigidTransform3D,
from import save_nifti, save_affine_matrix, \
from import load_nifti, save_nifti, save_affine_matrix, \

from dipy.viz.regtools import overlay_images
from dipy.segment.mask import median_otsu

class ResliceFlow(Workflow):

@@ -78,11 +80,28 @@ class ImageRegistrationFlow(Workflow):
will involve center of mass, translation, rigid body and full affine
registration. Whereas, when progressive is False the registration will
include only center of mass and affine registration. The progressive
registration will be slower but will improve the quality.
registration will be slower but will improve the quality of the results.
This can be controlled by using the progressive flag (True by default).

def create_overlaid_images(self, static_img, static_grid2world, moved_img,

identity = np.eye(4)
affine_map = AffineMap(identity,
static_img.shape, static_grid2world,
moved_img.shape, moving_grid2world)
resampled = affine_map.transform(moved_img)
b0_mask, mask = median_otsu(static_img, 4, 4)
t1_mask, mask = median_otsu(resampled, 4, 4)

static = b0_mask[:, :, 60]
moving = t1_mask[:, :, 60]
overlay_images(static, moving, 'static', 'registered', 'moving', fname='myimage.png')

def center_of_mass(self, static, static_grid2world,
moving, moving_grid2world):

@@ -507,6 +526,8 @@ def run(self, static_img_file, moving_img_file, transform='affine',
Saving the moved image file and the affine matrix.

self.create_overlaid_images(static, static_grid2world,
moved_image, moving_grid2world)"Similarity metric:"+str(xopt))"Distance measure:"+str(fopt))

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