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RAMP bundle

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This repository contains the following RAMP modules:

The modules can be installed independently but have been added to the same repository so they can be kept in sync.



  1. Retrieve the main repository

    git clone
    cd ramp-board
  2. Install Python 3.7+ and dependencies using conda or pip:

    • with conda

      # Make sure you run the latest version of conda
      conda update conda
      # Set up the virtual environment
      conda env create -f environment.yml
      # Activate it
      conda activate testenv
    • with pip

      pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Install all the elements at once

    make install

    or each project independently

    cd ramp-<project>
    pip install .


You can run the test suite using pytest:

pytest -vsl

You can also check each project separately.