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Paris.js wiki!

ToolBox : Communication and Responsabilities


Private questions: webmaster@parisjs.org (François and Paul) { Other mail address:

How To ?

Host a new event

Everything is here : Be a ParisJS Host

Create a new event


  • Check How To: Host a new event
  • Check date and hour
  • Ask Erwan or Paul to add the new event in eventbrite with: address, number of seats, email of the host
  • Create a new pad with framapad like http://framapad.org/5Ub49DnxKO for the schedule


  • Add slides and speakers to the website
  • Upload videos and add link on the website

Live streaming pitfalls

  • Sound
    • There's echo/reverb when using loudspeakers
      • Solution 1 : plug the speakers' mic directly to the streaming computer
      • Solution 2 : do not use loudspeakers
    • There's mobile phone noise
      • Solution 1 : use a shielded microphone
      • Solution 2 : turn off all cellphones around the mic
  • Image
    • The screen is overexposed (thus not readable)
      • Solution 1 : Have a camera film the screen only (and adjust exposure and focus for it) and switch to this camera;
      • Solution 2 : Have the slides on the streaming computer and stream the desktop;
      • Solution 3 : Grab the projector signal and stream it.
      • Solution 4 : Move the camera to film the screen only
    • The image is blurry
      • Solution 1 : turn on the light to help autofocus
      • Solution 2 : disable autofocus and focus manually
    • The screen is too small, text is unreadable
      • Same as "The screen is overexposed"
    • The video isn't smooth
      • Solution 1 : restart the streaming software if it's faulty
      • Solution 2 : use a network cable instead of WiFi if connection is faulty
  • Viewers
    • Stopping the stream interrupts the video immediately for all viewers
      • Always leave the stream on for a few more minutes to let viewers have a chance to see the end
    • Viewers can not ask questions
      • Solution 1 : Have someone repeat their question in the room
      • Solution 2 : Display questions on screen (Google Moderator, Twitter, IRC, etc.)
    • Viewers can not hear questions in the room
      • Solution 1 : have the speaker repeat each question before answering
      • Solution 2 : have a microphone for questions in the room
    • Viewers do not know if the image is frozen or if nothing's happening
      • Have an animation on screen when nothing is happening