Be a ParisJS Host

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First and foremost, thank you for supporting Paris.js.

The information below (extracted and translated from Paris.js mailing-list) will help you to understand better what Paris.js is concretely.

Who are we?

Cools people loving JS in the Paris Area <3

As of November 4th of 2016 we are: 3265 on Meetup, 2379 on Twitter, 539 on the mailing-list

Co-Organizers and tools ? The Who's who Wiki

What does a Paris.js meetup look like?

This is the program of a typical meetup:

  • 19h00 => 19h30 - Arrival
  • 19h30 => 19h35 - Presentation of Paris.js
  • 19h35 => 19h40 - Presentation of the sponsor
  • 19h40 => 21h10 - Long Talks, 30 minutes each (25min + 5min interval)
  • 21h10 => 21h30 - Lightning talks, 5 minutes each
  • 21h30 => 21h40 - Announcements of Events
  • 21h30 => end - Buffet and free discussions with participants

This planning can be adapted to your constraints, of course, while preserving a time for the talks and a time for the gathering.

What is Paris.js community for?

The community is responsible for:

  • advertising the upcoming event through networks of developers
  • video recording, and, when possible, live broadcasting of the event on the Internet
  • helping to organize the event on location on D day

What are the best conditions for the success of the event?

In general, the host organization offers:

  • a location with at least 50 seats
  • a buffet (drinks and pizzas)

What are the benefits for sponsors of a Paris.js meetup?

  • 5 minutes chrono to present themselves at the beginning of the meetup (shared in case of multiple sponsors)
  • Sponsor name displayed on website
  • Sponsor mentioned on Twitter in announces for the meetup

If it's all right, then propose to host a meetup through this form: Also, feel free to ask any question on the mailing-list: