An apache-drill UDF in order to use regex in queries
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Simple Contains Function for Apache Drill

This functions regex matches for drill

How to Compile Install

Clone and compile.

git clone

cd drill-simple-contains

mvn package

Copy the jar files from your functions into the 3rdparty directory in the Drill distro

cp drill-simple-contains/target/*.jar apache-drill-X.X.X/jars/3rdparty

Now run drill and test the results

$ cd apache-drill-X.X.X/
$ bin/drill-embedded
0: jdbc:drill:zk=local>
SELECT * FROM cp.`employee.json` WHERE contains(first_name,'She.*');
first_name |
Sheri      |
Sheila     |
Shelby     |
Shelley    |
Shelly     |
Sheila     |