@devops-parity devops-parity released this Jan 18, 2019

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Here is the list of changes:

  • Change Cancel to Back button. Password field autofocus on Unlock component #370
  • Switch to Parity Ethereum stable #368
  • Fix Warning about unique "key" prop at account creation #353
  • Accept 11 words legacy recovery phrases for Parity Signer compatibility #351
  • Bump version to 0.2.0 #346
  • Fix warning by adding '#' on all #341
  • Make "Transaction Details" always visible #340
  • Switch order from "to" and "amount" fields on Signer screen #339
  • Autofocus the right fields and button (to quickly navigate between screens) #328 #280
  • Prevents user from importing account that is already in account list #327 #323
  • Change amount font size on Send page to fit in input field #321
  • Add feedback button that links to Fether Github new issue #319
  • Switch to Blockscout. Update tx link #314
  • Shows tx fee estimate and total tx amount. See issues in commit details #307 #340
  • Add Max button to send the whole balance #302
  • Fixes BigNumber error due to incorrect number type #296
  • Concatenate balances to 2 decimal places on account overview page without rounding #291
  • Show validation error when value to send decimal places exceeds max decimal places of token #290
  • Add validation warning when user tries to send ETH or a token to the zero account #289
  • Show tooltip warning when user enters amount of less than 1 Wei #288
  • Add minimum version of Node.js. Add .nvmrc file #287
  • Fix sed error on macOS #286 #283
  • Support BIP39 recovery and use BIP39 for new accounts #284
  • Add gas estimation to the postTransaction RPC #279
  • Update @parity/* packages #274
  • Use arrow instead of close icons #271
  • Hide token balance when syncing #269
  • Wait 2s before showing not synced (to avoid message flickering) #263
  • Support JSON Keyfile backup #260

@devops-parity devops-parity released this Nov 20, 2018 · 323 commits to master since this release

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Parity Fether 0.1.1-alpha is a release that improves performance and stability.
The most important changes:

  • #216 Remove "sync" overlay. You can manage accounts even if the underlying node isn't synced yet. The account balances might be out of date during this time. ERC20 tokens aren't visible during the sync.

  • #258 Switch to use Parity Ethereum beta version of the light client to benefit from the latest improvements.

@devops-parity devops-parity released this Nov 9, 2018 · 341 commits to master since this release

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Parity Fether

Parity Fether v0.1alpha - A light-client based wallet

  • Parity Ethereum light client is downloaded on first start if not found on the machine
  • Kovan network is synced by default (get Kovan ETH here)

Known issues:

  • Can take long minutes to initially sync (restarting Fether can help)