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/// hardforkbounty.sol
/// Copyright (c) Gav Wood 2016.
/// Licenced under Apache 2.
/// A bounty program for ensuring the DAO hard fork does through.
/// If they so choose, people by electing into the smart contract
/// can put down a refundable deposit; miners can collect some fixed
/// proportion of the remaining deposit, once per block, only when the DAO has
/// had all funds returned and when the code has been changed (ideally that
/// change will be proposed, too). If the bounty isn't paid (hard fork doesn't go
/// through) then deposits can be claimed once the block hits 1.9M.
contract HardForkBounty {
// Get the code at a particular address. Code provided by @chriseth.
// Review carefully.
function at(address _addr) returns (bytes o_code) {
assembly {
// retrieve the size of the code, this needs assembly
let size := extcodesize(_addr)
// allocate output byte array - this could also be done without assembly
// by using o_code = new bytes(size)
o_code := mload(0x40)
// new "memory end" including padding
mstore(0x40, add(o_code, and(add(add(size, 0x20), 0x1f), not(0x1f))))
// store length in memory
mstore(o_code, size)
// actually retrieve the code, this needs assembly
extcodecopy(_addr, add(o_code, 0x20), 0, size)
/// Fallback function - this either deposits ether in the name of the
/// message sender.
function() {
balances[msg.sender] += msg.value;
/// Claim function. Attempts to claim the bounty on behalf of the sender.
/// Claiming the bounty may only be done once per block and results in the
/// transfer of half of the remaining ether to the miner.
function claim() {
if (
// Ensure that TheDAO's code has been changed...
// TODO: a known good contract e.g. WithdrawDAO.
sha3(at(0xBB9bc244D798123fDe783fCc1C72d3Bb8C189413)) != 0x7278d050619a624f84f51987149ddb439cdaadfba5966f7cfaea7ad44340a4ba &&
// If it's the first reward claim, ensure that the stolen Ether has been put back in TheDAO.
(address(0xBB9bc244D798123fDe783fCc1C72d3Bb8C189413).balance > 11000000 ether || lastPayout > 0) &&
// Ensure that this only happens once per block.
now > lastPayout
) {
// Record payout to avoid multiple claims on the same block.
lastPayout = now;
// Send back some proportion of the funds. A tenth for now.
if (!block.coinbase.send(this.balance / 10))
// If the send didn't go through, revert everything to allow someone else to claim in this block.
/// Deposit function. Deposits ether on behalf of a third party.
/// This is useful for people who only have exchange accounts.
function deposit(address _who) {
// Add the deposited ether to the account balance.
balances[_who] += msg.value;
/// Withdraw ether. If the hard fork didn't go through, this allows bounty
/// contributors to get their ether back. Once the block hits 1.9M, then
/// it can be used. We assume that the hard fork has happened and the bounty
/// paid by then, so there's no need for additional checks.
function withdraw() {
// Only if the block number is well-after hard-fork time:
if (block.number > 1900000) {
// Figure out how much we should be repaying (b).
var b = balances[msg.sender];
// Learn the lesson! Set to zero *and then* call send!
balances[msg.sender] = 0;
// Do the refund.
if (!msg.sender.send(b))
// If the refund didn't go through, revert everything so it can be tried again later.
mapping (address => uint) balances;
uint lastPayout = 0;