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Parity-Ethereum 2.0.0-beta "Ethereum"

@5chdn 5chdn released this Jul 18, 2018 · 33 commits to master since this release

This is the Parity-Ethereum//v2.0.0-beta release, code-named "Ethereum", YOLO!

Please note, Parity-Ethereum//v2.0.0 comes with some breaking changes that might be interrupting your usual workflows. Please mind them before upgrading:

  • The Parity client is now called Parity-Ethereum to distinguish it from other software we provide, such as Parity-Bitcoin and Parity-Polkadot (#9052).
  • The public node and the user interface (a.k.a. "Parity Wallet") are completely removed from the Parity-Ethereum//v2.0.0 client (#8758, #8783, #8641). Users interested running a Parity Wallet, check out the stand-alone UI application.
  • The DApps subsystem was completely removed from the client (#9017, #9107). Again, use the standalone wallet if you wish to continue working with them.
  • Windows and MacOS versions are not available as installer anymore and the system trays were removed (#8778). If you desire to run Parity-Ethereum on Windows or MacOS, you still can get the binaries from our mirrors. Furthermore, MacOS users are encouraged to use our homebrew tap.
  • Linux versions are not available as deb-/rpm-packages anymore (#8887). Communities are encouraged to provide their own packages or maintain their own repositories, such as Arch Linux does for instance.
  • MD5-checksums are completely replaced by SHA256-checksums (#8884). This is also reflected on our homepage by now.
  • Deprecated, removed, or replaced CLI-options are hidden from client --help to further discourage their usage (#8967).

Additional noteworthy changes to the client:

  • Tracing of precompiled contracts when the transfer value is not zero (#8486)
  • Parity-Ethereum as a library now provides APIs for running full and light nodes and a C interface (#8412). Shared crates are now available in Parity-Common (#9083).
  • The Morden database and keys are now moved to a ./Morden subdirectory instead of ./test which is by default used by Ropsten (#8621).
  • Adding support for having an on-chain contract calculating the block rewards (#8419).
  • Enforcing warp-only synchronization with --warp-barrier [blocknumber] flag (#8228).
  • Adding a fork-choice and meta-data framework suitable for implementing Casper (#8401).
  • Returning an error if RLP-size of a transaction exceeds a 300kB limit (#8473).
  • Warp-sync is now resumable by keeping the downloaded chunks between client restarts. Also, it seeds downloaded snapshots for other nodes (#8544).
  • The developer chain --chain dev now contains Byzantium features, this breaks existing developer chains (#8717).
  • The EIP150, EIP160 and EIP161 forks are now to be specified in common params section of a chain-spec file instead of the Ethash params to enable these features on non-proof-of-work chains (#8614). Please update your chain specs.
  • Allowing to disable local-by-default for transactions with new configurations (#8882).
  • Never drop local transactions from different senders (#9002).
  • Optimize pending transactions filter and fix ethstats reporting of pending transactions (#9026).
  • Add separate database directory for light client allowing to run full and light nodes at the same time (#9064).

If you are upgrading directly from versions 1.10.9 or earlier, please note important changes to our transaction-queue implementation, namely:

  • The pool now limits transactions per-sender (see --tx-queue-per-sender), local transactions also have to obey that limit. Consider increasing the limit via CLI-flag when running benchmarks or sending a lot of transactions at once.
  • In case the pool is full, transactions received over the network, but originating from accounts that you have private keys for might not get accepted to the pool any more with higher priority. Consider running with larger pool size or submitting the transactions directly on the node via eth_sendRawTransaction.
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The full list of included changes can be found in the CHANGELOG.