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@Tbaut Tbaut released this Dec 14, 2018 · 657 commits to master since this release

Parity-Ethereum 2.1.10-stable is an important release that introduces Constantinople fork at block 7080000 on Mainnet.

This release also contains a fix for chains using AuRa + EmptySteps. Read carefully if this applies to you.
If you have a chain withempty_steps already running, some blocks most likely contain non-strict entries (unordered or duplicated empty steps). In this releasestrict_empty_steps_transition is enabled by default at block 0 for any chain with empty_steps.
If your network uses empty_steps you must:

  • plan a hard fork and change strict_empty_steps_transition to the desire fork block
  • update the clients of the whole network to 2.2.5-beta / 2.1.10-stable.

If for some reason you don't want to do this please setstrict_empty_steps_transition to 0xfffffffff to disable it.

Upgrading is strongly recommended.

System Architecture Binary SHA256 Checksum
Windows Icon by Pixel Perfect from x64 parity.exe 67c016076cbce2abc6718c1a18077a35eacacf11a5f58dd3b77b42166efadb40
Apple Icon by Pixel Perfect from x64 parity c1a977e28c9a2dacf3cd54dcfa0706b0bdbef28be728e31396bec899db9ba29a
Linux Icon by Pixel Perfect from x64 parity 3d62e1ec018d30245e2eab89380d601f5f82c5ed33abe8c2edde9055976d4b02
System Option - Resource
Apple Icon by Pixel Perfect from Homebrew -
Settings Icon by Pixel Perfect from Docker -
Settings Icon by Pixel Perfect from All binaries -

The full list of included changes:

  • Backports for stable 2.1.10 (#10046)
    • Bump stable to 2.1.10 (#10046)
    • RPC: parity_getBlockReceipts (#9527)
      • Block receipts RPC.
      • Use lazy evaluation of block receipts (ecrecover).
      • Optimize transaction_receipt to prevent performance regression.
      • Add block & transaction receipt tests.
      • Fix conversion to block id.
    • Update a few parity-common dependencies (#9663)
      • revert update of ethereum/tests
      • better reporting of network rlp errors
      • Use rlp 0.3.0-beta.1
      • fix util function get_dummy_blocks
      • Already a Vec
      • encode_list returns vec already
    • Fix empty steps (#9939)
      • Prevent sending empty step message twice
      • Prevent sending empty step and then block in the same step
      • Don't accept double empty steps
      • Do basic validation of self-sealed blocks
    • Strict empty steps validation (#10041)
      • Enables strict verification of empty steps - there can be no duplicates and empty steps should be ordered inside the seal.
      • Note that authorities won't produce invalid seals after #9939, this PR just adds verification to the seal to prevent forging incorrect blocks and potentially causing consensus issues.
      • This features is enabled by default so any AuRa + EmptySteps chain should set strict_empty_steps_transition fork block number in their spec and upgrade to v2.2.5-beta or v2.1.10-stable.
    • ethcore: enable constantinople on ethereum (#10031)
      • ethcore: change blockreward to 2e18 for foundation after constantinople
      • ethcore: delay diff bomb by 2e6 blocks for foundation after constantinople
      • ethcore: enable eip-{145,1014,1052,1283} for foundation after constantinople
    • Change test miner max memory to malloc reports. (#10024)
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