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@s3krit s3krit released this Nov 13, 2019 · 323 commits to master since this release

Parity Ethereum v2.5.10-stable is a patch release that adds block numbers for
activating the Istanbul hardfork on mainnet, as well as a large number of
various bugfixes, QoL changes, some code cleanup/refactoring and other
miscellaenous changes.

This release removes legacy aliases for the mainnet. If you specify --chain homestead, --chain frontier or --chain byzantium, this will need to be changed to one of: --chain eth, --chain ethereum, --chain foundation or --chain mainnet.

The full list of included changes:

  • ropsten #6631425 foundation #8798209 (#11201)
  • [stable] builtin, istanbul and mordor testnet backports (#11234)
    • ethcore-builtin (#10850)
    • [builtin]: support multiple prices and activations in chain spec (#11039)
    • [chain specs]: activate Istanbul on mainnet (#11228)
    • ethcore/res: add mordor testnet configuration (#11200)
  • Update list of bootnodes for xDai chain (#11236)
  • ethcore: remove test-helper feat from build (#11047)
  • Secret store: fix Instant::now() related race in net_keep_alive (#11155) (#11159)
  • [stable]: backport #10691 and #10683 (#11143)
    • Fix compiler warning (that will become an error) (#10683)
    • Refactor Clique stepping (#10691)
  • Add Constantinople eips to the dev (instant_seal) config (#10809)
  • Add cargo-remote dir to .gitignore (?)
  • Insert explicit warning into the panic hook (#11225)
  • Fix docker centos build (#11226)
  • Update MIX bootnodes. (#11203)
  • Use provided usd-per-eth value if an endpoint is specified (#11209)
  • Add new line after writing block to hex file. (#10984)
  • Type annotation for next_key() matching of json filter options (#11192) (but no FilterOption in 2.5 so…)
  • Upgrade jsonrpc to latest (#11206)
  • [CI] check evmbin build (#11096)
  • Correct EIP-712 encoding (#11092)
  • [client]: Fix for incorrectly dropped consensus messages (#11086)
  • Fix block detail updating (#11015)
  • Switching sccache from local to Redis (#10971)
  • Made ecrecover implementation trait public (#11188)
  • [dependencies]: jsonrpc 14.0.1 (#11183)
  • [receipt]: add sender & receiver to RichReceipts (#11179)
  • [ethcore/builtin]: do not panic in blake2pricer on short input (#11180)
  • util Host: fix a double Read Lock bug in fn Host::session_readable() (#11175)
  • ethcore client: fix a double Read Lock bug in fn Client::logs() (#11172)
  • Change how RPCs eth_call and eth_estimateGas handle "Pending" (#11127)
  • Cleanup stratum a bit (#11161)
  • Upgrade to jsonrpc v14 (#11151)
  • SecretStore: expose restore_key_public in HTTP API (#10241)
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