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sorpaas and tomusdrw Mark log/journal slice as Send and Sync (#73)
* Mark log/journal slice as Send and Sync

* Add comment explaining why marking Send and Sync is safe
Latest commit 085d83e Apr 13, 2018

Parity DB

Fast and reliable database, optimised for read operations.

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Database options

  • journal eras (usize)
  • preallocated memory (u64)
  • extend threshold in % (u8)

Database properties

  • version (u32)
  • used memory (u64)

get operation

  • check cache
  • check journal
  • read from memmap

commit operation

  • create and push new journal era

flush operation

  • create virtual commit from final journal eras
  • delete journal eras
  • copy content of virtual commit to memmap
  • delete virtual commit

rollback operation

  • pop and delete journal era

recover operation

  • if valid virtual commit exists copy it to memmap and delete
  • delete all invalid journal eras
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