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Shasper Testnet Plans

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Shasper is a Serenity/Ethereum 2.0 phrase 0 full node implementation by Parity Technologies, built on top of the Substrate blockchain framework. To facilitate development and test our various aspects of our implementation, we create short-lived public testnets every week. The testnets are extremely short-lived, usually lasting only a few days. They will have their own validator setups, meaning it's usually not possible for you to author blocks. However, you can connect to the network while it's live, and watch blocks being authored and imported.

Testnet v3, 07.03.2019

Testnet v3 fixes a finalization issue in testnet v2, and changed block time to 12s to avoid reorg in debug mode.

See here for current testnet status.

To connect to this network, first build Shasper using commit ee73b9691a3ec8aa14b65aafbd890942fb727703. Then run:

./shasper --chain short-lived --bootnodes /ip4/

Testnet v2, 05.03.2019

Testnet v2 adds RANDAO and committee support, and now uses real slot numbers. The previous Casper FFG parameters haven't changed. Currently, all validators' RANDAO seed is being set to zero. This is only due to missing of configuration functionalities and RANDAO's reveals are being properly validated.

Testnet v1, 24.02.2019

Testnet v1 is mostly block import speed improvements. We are still only testing a subset of beacon chain implementation and the Casper FFG parameters haven't changed.

Testnet v1 is stopped.

Testnet v0, 15.02.2019

For testnet v0, we test the Casper FFG consensus, including block authoring, justification and finalization. Note that this is a subset of Serenity phrase 0. Many functionalities like committee, RANDAO, eth1 deposit, etc are either disabled or not implemented.

  • Casper FFG only with fixed validator set of 2.
  • Epoch length is 4, and minimal attestation inclusion delay is removed.

Testnet v0 is stopped.

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