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Collection of simple Substrate smart contract examples written in Rust and AssemblyScript and tests for Substrates SRML Contracts module
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srml-contracts test site

This repo hosts tests for srml-contracts.


For running this test suite you would need to have:

  1. A nightly rust compiler equipped with the wasm32-unknown-unknown target.

    The easiest way to install it is with rustup. Please see

    rustup toolchain install nightly
    rustup update
    rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown --toolchain nightly

    Also, you might need to put cargo's bin directory on PATH. You can typically do it by executing:

    source ~/.cargo/env
  2. yarn.

    Read on how to install it here.

  3. wasm-prune

    cargo install pwasm-utils-cli --bin wasm-prune
  4. wabt

    You can try to look it up in the package manager for your system or build it yourself.

    Please see for details.


This repo depends on submomdules, make sure you have them:

git submodule update --init

Then make sure that you built all artifacts required for running the tests by invoking


To run the tests, launch the substrate node locally and run

yarn && yarn test

Using a Docker image of Substrate for testing

To run this tests, you need to run a local Substrate on port ws:// The other alternative is to use one of the Docker images that are being automatically generated with every update to the master branch and published

The script to run this container is docker-compose.yml file in the root of this repository.

Before you can run this script, you need to install Docker and 'Docker Compose' on your machine. Please follow the steps described here (including the prerequisites):


  1. BUILD: Run docker-compose pull && docker-compose up to pull the latest docker imaged and run the Docker image of the latest Subtrate master.
  2. INFO: Run docker ps to get a list of Docker containers running in the background including their mapped ports on localhost
  3. QUIT: Run docker-compose down to stop and remove all running containers.

Provided endpoint for localhost: Substrate Master ws://

Find more Docker images of Substrate

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