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Substrate: The platform for blockchain innovators
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gavofyork Add rules and unfounding to society. (#4671)
* Add rules and unfounding to society.

* Docs and event

* Extra bit of docs.

* Cunningly reduce complexity

* Remove candidates when unfounding.

* Remove suspended candidates when unfounding, too.
Latest commit 8131288 Jan 18, 2020
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.maintain Rename basic-authority to basic-authorship (#4640) Jan 16, 2020
bin Society: Ensure all votes are removed after tally (#4666) Jan 17, 2020
client client/finality-grandpa: Reintegrate gossip validator report stream (#… Jan 17, 2020
docs CODEOWNERS: Add myself to pow and EVM module (#4653) Jan 17, 2020
frame Add rules and unfounding to society. (#4671) Jan 18, 2020
primitives `sp-runtime-interface` add table about FFI types (#4668) Jan 18, 2020
utils reset a couple of versions down from v2.0 (#4572) Jan 15, 2020
.dockerignore Reorganising the repository - external renames and moves (#4074) Nov 14, 2019
.editorconfig Change max width to 100. (#4072) Nov 10, 2019
.gitattributes git: allow diffing Cargo.lock (#2370) Apr 24, 2019
.gitignore Recover transaction pool on light client (#3833) Nov 28, 2019
.gitlab-ci.yml check_polkadot now runs nightly and on master (merges) only (#4492) Jan 3, 2020
Cargo.lock Society: Ensure all votes are removed after tally (#4666) Jan 17, 2020
Cargo.toml A Social Account Recovery Pallet (#4531) Jan 13, 2020
LICENSE initial commit Nov 7, 2017 Update getting started link (#4581) Jan 9, 2020

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Substrate is a next-generation framework for blockchain innovation.

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Simply go to and follow the getting started instructions.

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Substrate is GPL 3.0 licensed.

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