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xlc and bkchr Transaction Fee Module (#1648)
* wip

* Split bytes fee charging and charging by amount into different traits.

* Move to edition 2018.

* Implemented charge fee traits for fees module.

* Implemented 'on_finalise' for fee module.

* Updated fees finalize impl.

* Renaming and documentation update.

* Added overflow & underflow check for fee calculation.

* Added mock and unit tests for fee module.

* More unit tests for fees module.

* Fixed srml-executive unit tests.

* Remove transaction base/bytes fee from balances module, fix unit tests.

* fix compile error

* Fixed unit test.

* Minor fixes.

* Bump spec version.

* Bump spec version.

* Updated fees module and runtime wasm.

* Fees module code style improvement; updated runtime wasm.

* Bump spec and impl version.
Latest commit 14ee64c Feb 15, 2019



Set of libs for the substrate runtime.