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Robinhood API utility with MFA and position return metrics support
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Join the chat at Python Framework to make trades with Robinhood Private API. See this blog post.

Current Features

  • Placing buy orders (Robinhood.place_buy_order)
  • Placing sell order (Robinhood.place_sell_order)
  • Fetch and cancel orders (Robinhood.order_history and Robinhood.cancel_order)
  • Quote information (Robinhood.quote_data)
  • User portfolio data (Robinhood.portfolios)
  • User positions data (Robinhood.positions)
  • More coming soon

How To Install:

Install Python Modules

pip install .

Add Robinhood Password Env Variable

Exit your ~/.bash_profile to export your Robinhood password like: export xcFrd="THIS_IS_YOUR_PASS"

"xcFrd" is something made up, but provides a bit of obfuscation in the event that someone has access to your terminal when you're not looking. Using "Robinhood_password" would give the attacker enough context to know what to do with it.

Running the Tool!

execute sh

Converting to Python 3

Project will work on both python 2 and python 3

How to Use (see

from Robinhood import Robinhood
my_trader = Robinhood()
logged_in = my_trader.login(username="USERNAME HERE", password="PASSWORD HERE")
stock_instrument = my_trader.instruments("GEVO")[0]
quote_info = my_trader.quote_data("GEVO")
buy_order = my_trader.place_buy_order(stock_instrument, 1)
sell_order = my_trader.place_sell_order(stock_instrument, 1)

Data returned

  • Quote data
    • Ask Price
    • Ask Size
    • Bid Price
    • Bid Size
    • Last trade price
    • Previous close
    • Previous close date
    • Adjusted previous close
    • Trading halted
    • Updated at
    • Historical Price
  • User portfolio data
    • Adjusted equity previous close
    • Equity
    • Equity previous close
    • Excess margin
    • Extended hours equity
    • Extended hours market value
    • Last core equity
    • Last core market value
    • Market value
    • Order history
    • Dividend history
  • User positions data
    • Securities owned
  • News


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