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@parkerj parkerj released this Jul 18, 2017 · 43 commits to master since this release

Installation / Update

To download the new eduTrac SIS release, you can either download it from this site if you have an account, or you can register for a free account or you can download it from SourceForge.

Check out the following information on updating a current installation: Updating eduTrac SIS.

If you are new to eduTrac SIS, then it is recommended that your start with the following articles:


The 6.3.1 maintenance release fixes a few bugs with cronjob handlers and adds a few enhancements as well. Feel free to take a look at the issues for this release.


  • (#33) Fixed issue with updating the STAL screen. the stal table now accepts NULL values.
  • (#31) Fixed issue with gpa updating via cronjob.
  • (#29) Fixed issue with transfer credits.

New Features

  • New attendance screen via gradebook module
  • New attendance report via gradebook module


  • Added ability to send test SMS to make sure Twilio is set up properly and working.


  • New attendance table (Gradebook Module)
  • startDate field in stal now accepts NULL value.
  • stuLoad field in sttr now accepts NULL value.
  • created field in sttr now accepts NULL value.
  • startDate field in stac now accepts NULL value.
  • statusDate field in stac now accepts NULL value.
  • statusTime field in stac now accepts NULL value.
  • applDate field in application now accepts NULL value.
  • loginTimeStamp field in last_login now accepts NULL value.


  • No changes/additions

Class Methods

  • No changes/additions


  • No changes/additions


  • No changes/additions

New Permissions

  • No changes/additions


Log into your account to access the updated modules.

  • Financial
  • Gradebook - when you upgrade the module, make sure to run ./etsis core migrate to install the new attendance table.
  • Transfer Credits
  • myetSIS Extended


  • No changes/additions


  • No changes/additions

File Changes

M	app/dropins/system.dropin.php
M	app/functions/core-function.php
M	app/functions/course-function.php
M	app/functions/dependency.php
M	app/functions/nodeq-function.php
M	app/functions/notify-function.php
M	app/functions/rules-function.php
M	app/languages/edutrac-sis.pot
M	app/migrations/20160916002812_initial_schema.php
M	app/migrations/20170706151405_db_schema_update.php
A	app/migrations/20170718142604_fix_fields.php
M	app/routers/course.router.php
M	app/routers/cron.router.php
M	app/routers/form.router.php
M	app/routers/person.router.php
M	app/routers/section.router.php
M	app/routers/settings.router.php
M	app/routers/staff.router.php
M	app/routers/student.router.php
M	app/src/vendor/composer/installed.json
M	app/src/vendor/jolicode/jolinotif/
M	app/src/vendor/jolicode/jolinotif/doc/
M	app/src/vendor/jolicode/jolinotif/doc/
M	app/src/vendor/jolicode/jolinotif/src/Notification.php
M	app/src/vendor/jolicode/jolinotif/src/Notifier/AppleScriptNotifier.php
M	app/src/vendor/jolicode/jolinotif/src/Notifier/CliBasedNotifier.php
M	app/src/vendor/jolicode/jolinotif/src/Notifier/TerminalNotifierNotifier.php
M	app/src/vendor/symfony/filesystem/Filesystem.php
M	app/src/vendor/symfony/serializer/Normalizer/AbstractObjectNormalizer.php
M	app/src/vendor/symfony/serializer/Normalizer/ArrayDenormalizer.php
M	app/src/vendor/symfony/serializer/Normalizer/DataUriNormalizer.php
M	app/src/vendor/symfony/serializer/Normalizer/DenormalizerInterface.php
M	app/src/vendor/symfony/serializer/Normalizer/NormalizerInterface.php
M	app/src/vendor/twilio/sdk/.travis.yml
M	app/src/vendor/twilio/sdk/
M	app/src/vendor/twilio/sdk/
M	app/src/vendor/twilio/sdk/Makefile
M	app/src/vendor/twilio/sdk/Twilio/Rest/Api/V2010/Account/Call/RecordingInstance.php
M	app/src/vendor/twilio/sdk/Twilio/Rest/Api/V2010/Account/Conference/ParticipantContext.php
M	app/src/vendor/twilio/sdk/Twilio/Rest/Api/V2010/Account/Conference/ParticipantOptions.php
M	app/src/vendor/twilio/sdk/Twilio/Rest/Api/V2010/Account/RecordingInstance.php
M	app/src/vendor/twilio/sdk/Twilio/Rest/Video/V1/RecordingList.php
M	app/src/vendor/twilio/sdk/Twilio/Rest/Video/V1/RecordingOptions.php
M	app/src/vendor/twilio/sdk/Twilio/Rest/Video/V1/Room/RoomRecordingList.php
A	app/src/vendor/twilio/sdk/Twilio/Rest/Video/V1/Room/RoomRecordingOptions.php
M	app/src/vendor/twilio/sdk/Twilio/VersionInfo.php
D	app/src/vendor/twilio/sdk/deploy.php
M	app/views/_layouts/myetsis/clean.layout.php
M	app/views/course/prrl.php
M	app/views/dashboard/menu.php
M	app/views/index/index.php
M	app/views/person/add.php
M	app/views/person/view.php
M	app/views/section/rrsr.php
M	app/views/setting/sms.php
M	app/views/staff/add.php
M	app/views/staff/view.php
M	app/views/student/add.php
M	app/views/student/sacd.php
M	app/views/student/stal.php
M	app/views/student/view.php
D	static/assets/css/admin/custom/index.html
D	static/assets/css/admin/custom/myetsis.custom.css
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