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Service eggs for the pterodactyl panel
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Parkers Pterodactyl eggs repo

I am working on adding a large collection of public eggs for the Pterodactyl community.

With that I am also accepting PR's for new service and also updates to the current ones.

If you are submitting PR's try and keep names and titles the same.

How to import an egg

If you are reading this it looks like you are looking to add an egg to your server.

  1. Download any of the json files located in the folders below.
    1. It's easiest to right click the raw button and save as.
  2. In your panel go to the Nests section in the admin part of the panel
  3. Click the green Import Egg button
  4. Browse to the json file you saved earlier
  5. Select what nest you want to put the egg in.
    1. If you want a new nest you need to create it before importing the egg.
  6. Restart the daemon on your node before creating a server using the new egg(s).

You must restart your daemon after importing an egg

Please read the before submitting PRs

If you submit a PR without filling out the template I will deny it. This is for all PR's moving forward (after Feb 5th, 2019)

Bot Eggs


Game Eggs


Conan Exiles

Don't Starve

ET: Legacy


Grand Theft Auto

Minecraft Java

Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft Proxies

Mount & Blade Warband


Source These eggs use steamcmd to install





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