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Bring your personal gifs into your favourite chat client.
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Bring your personal gifs into your favourite chat client.

screen shot 2014-02-19 at 9 35 00 pm


/gif me
/gif me itworks
/gif list
/gif bomb
/gif bomb 3


These instructions assume you've deployed Hubot to Heroku. Please make the appropriate adjustments for other hosting solutions.

$ npm install --save hubot-gif-me
$ hk set HUBOT_GIF_INDEX=""
$ vim external-scripts.json # add "hubot-gif-me" to the array

Creating your Index File

The index file is merely a JSON endpoint which returns an array of objects with at least the path attribute. Check out my gif index file. I generated it via a simple call to the jsonify filter in Liquid.

Even though mine is auto-generated, it's totally plausible for you to write you index by hand. It just might suck a little. Judicious use of Jekyll and Liquid will make your life way easier!


@jglovier had the idea to use GitHub as a gif host. @parkr had the idea to tie this into hubot.

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