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  • Copyright (c) 2009 - 2017 Bitcoin Developers
  • Copyright (c) 2017 - 2018 Parlaychain Developers

What is Parlay?

  • Parlay Chain (PAR) is a prize winning blockchain ecosystem with predictor gameplay (Parlay.Live).
  • Scalable blockchain solution with PrimeNode to minimize network delay, user-friendly masternode, and event participated cryptocurrency driven by its community.

Local GUI wallet

PrimeNode guide

Digital ocean ubuntu VPS video guide

Primenode video guide

User-data script

Vultr ubuntu VPS menual guide


  • 2500 PARs
  • Ubuntu 16.04 VPS server (recommended VPS :
  • Local wallet

Step 1 : Local wallet setup

1. Download & Run local wallet (Window, Mac)
2. Create new address at Receive tab
3. Send exactly 2500 PARs to the created address
4. Wait for 10 confirmation of transaction
5. Open debug console from toolbar menu
  • Mac OS : mac toolbar menu -> help -> debug window -> console tab
  • PC : parlay wallet toolbar menu -> help -> debug console
6. Get Primenode private key

type below command to debug console.

primenode genkey

7. Get txhash/index of 2500 PARs transaction

type below command to debug console.

primenode outputs

primenode output structure -> { "txhash of 2500 PARs transaction" : "output index" }

8. Create new Primenode at Primenode tap in local wallet

In order to fill complete primenode conf, you should have VPS ip address

  • Alias : your_masternode_name
  • Address : your VPS address and port is 9000
  • PrivKey : private key from Step 6
  • TxHash : txhash of 2500 PARs from Step 7
  • Output Index : output index from Step 7
  • Reward Address: optional
  • Reward % : optional
  • ex)

Step 2 : VPS setup (

1. Deploy Ubuntu 16.04 server ($5/mo is sufficient)
2. Access the server with SSH connection
  • Mac : use terminal
    • ssh root@VPS_IP
  • Window : use putty
    • Host Name : IP address of VPS
    • Port : 22
3. Install docker and Parlay daemon

Type below command to install docker and Parlay daemon automatically

wget -O - | bash

This command installs lots of modules, take like 20~30 mins

4. Add alias command to VPS

Type below command to add alias commands

source ~/.bashrc

5. Parlay daemon intialize

Type below command to initialize wallet and parlay config


5. Enter the Primenode info step by step

Type below command and enter your primenode info (RPCUSER and RPCPASSWORD must not be same)


  Please enter RPCUSER : your_username_you_want
  Please enter RPCPASSWORD : your_password_you_want
  Please enter masternode private key : private key get from Step 1-6
  Please enter VPS Ip address : your vps ip address
6. Start VPS Primenode daemon

Type below command to run VPS Parlay daemon


Step 3 : VPS setup (

1. Press start button at Primenode tab in local wallet
2. If you see the message primenode started successfully, it is all DONE! Congraturation!
3. Press update button to check primenode is running


  • ParlayChain is released under the terms of the MIT license.