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64 bit warning and string format fixes. #9

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This pull ups the warning levels to -Wall and -Wextra. We have nothing to loose by going that bit further and it gives a warning free build on 32/64 bit targets.

I was moving my app from 32 -> 64 bit and I was determined to eliminate as many warnings as I could in the hope of getting 64 bit up and running.

See this -Wextra might be a bit far but it doesn't hurt too much.

I fixed all the 64 bit type size and string format warnings as recommended in the Apple 64 bit transition guide. I think they should be merged even if the -Wextra changes are rejected.

mugginsoft added some commits Nov 25, 2012
@mugginsoft mugginsoft Fixed 32/64bit string format warnings. Force build of framework on no…
…n active achitecture so that when JSCocoa is included as a subproject in a 32 bit project the correct arch is available during debug builds.
@mugginsoft mugginsoft Increased warnings compiler Other Warnings to -Wall, -Wextra and fixe…
…d most warnings.
@mugginsoft mugginsoft Fixed remaining warnings flagged by -Wall, -Wextra. 9c682f2
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