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Create an Azure Cosmos account for Cassandra API with keyset and two tables

This template will create an Azure Cosmos account for Cassandra API, provisioned for two regions, then provision a keyset with shared throughput across two tables.

Below are the parameters which can be user configured in the parameters file including:

  • Consistency Level: Select from one of the 5 consistency levels: Strong, Bounded Staleness, Session, Consistent Prefix, Eventual.
  • Multi-Region: Enter locations for primary and secondary regions.
  • Multi-Master: Select whether to enable multi-master support making both regions fully writable.
  • Automatic Failover: Select whether to enable automatic failover on the account (Ignored when Multi-Master is enabled).
  • Keyset Name: Enter the Keyset name for the account.
  • Throughput: Enter the Ru/s to share across the 2 containers (default is 400).
  • Table 1 Name: Enter the name for the first table.
  • Table 2 Name: Enter the name for the second table.
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