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Intel Lustre 2.7 clients on CentOS 6.6 or 7.0 gallery image

This template creates Lustre client and server node VMs and related infrastructure such as VNETs. Provided below are the relevant details of the deployment.

  • 3 or more Luster servers which consists of MGS (management server), MDS (metadata server) and 1 or more OSS (object storage server).
  • OSS Servers are added in an availability set for HA
  • It also creates a file system along with the Luster servers.
  • Creates 2 or more Intel Lustre 2.7 client virtual machines using Azure gallery CentOS 6.6 or 7.0 image and mounts an existing Intel Lustre file-system
  • These Lustre client nodes are added in an availability set for HA
  • Public IP will be attached to the client0 node. That node can be accessed via SSH [dnsNamePrefix].[region]
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