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Deploy Neo4J in Ubuntu VM

Built by: helshabini

This template allows you to deploy an Ubuntu Server VM and starts a Neo4J instance listening on ports 7687(bolt), 7474 (non-ssl), 7473 (ssl).

After the virtual machine is deployed you can access Neo4J by browsing to http://{hostname}:7474/

Default username: neo4j

Default password: neo4j

Below are the parameters that the template expects:

Name Description
vmName Virtual machine name.
vmSize Virtual machine size.
vmUbuntuOSVersion Ubuntu OS image version.
storageaccountPrefix Storage account name prefix.
storageaccountType Storage account type. Premium storage is recommended for graph databases.
vmAdminUsername User name for the virtual machine.
sshKeyData SSH rsa public key file as a string.
neo4jEdition Neo4J edition and version to install.
publicIPAddressDns Unique DNS for public IP Address.
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