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SAP NetWeaver 2-tier compatible template using a Marketplace image

This template takes a minimum amount of parameters and deploys a VM that is customized for use with SAP NetWeaver, using the latest patched version of the selected operating system. This is a template for a 2-tier configuration. It deploys 1 server on Premium Storage. This template uses Managed Disks.

There is not suitable configuration for X-Large with Standard Storage. If you select this configuration, the template will deploy a Large configuration.

Size Premium Storage (Data Log)
Demo 1xStandard_D2s_v3 (1xP10 1xP10)
Small < 2.000 SAPS 1xStandard_E2s_v3 (2xP20 1xP10)
Medium < 9.000 SAPS 1xStandard_E8s_v3 (3xP20 1xP10)
Large < 18.000 SAPS 1xStandard_E16s_v3 (3xP30 + 1xP20)
X-Large < 40.000 SAPS 1xStandard_E64s_v3 (4xP30 1xP20)
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