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100644 14 lines (13 sloc) 180 Bytes
7ea82bc @airblade Ignore my notes.
airblade authored
ab4ec62 @airblade Ignore test artefacts.
airblade authored
2 test/debug.log
3 test/paper_trail_plugin.sqlite3.db
a4823c6 @airblade Ignore test databases.
airblade authored
4 test/dummy/db/*.sqlite3
6825199 @benzittlau Adding server logs and tmp files to .gitignore
benzittlau authored
5 test/dummy/log/*
6 test/dummy/tmp/*
4b87d21 @zacheryph ignore the rcov coverage directory
zacheryph authored
7 coverage
bd1877c @airblade Use Bundler to manage dependencies.
airblade authored
8 pkg/*
9 *.gem
10 .bundle
0cd0254 @airblade Ignore rbenv version.
airblade authored
11 .rbenv-version
f18cb6d @airblade Do not track Gemfile.lock.
airblade authored
12 Gemfile.lock
ce80cd7 @airblade Ignore vendor directory.
airblade authored
13 vendor/*
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