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Blog plugin for RefineryCMS
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RefineryCMS Blog

A blog plugin for the Refinery content management system.


Blog post with

  • Title, Body & Excerpt
  • Filter by Categories tag
  • Filter by Tags
  • Filter by Authors tag
  • RSS feed

Blog comments with

  • Name, Email, Body
  • Email confirmation by comment author
  • Optional Captcha
  • Optional manual moderation
  • Optional email notification

Administration panel

  • Write blog posts
  • Manage comments (unmoderated/approved/refused)
  • Change settings


First, make sure you've run the migration on RefineryCMS (db:setup / db:migrate).

Use script/plugin install with the github clone url found here.

After the plugin is in place, run the following to install

rake refinery:blog:install
rake db:migrate

This plugin's gem requirements are:

To make tagging work place this in your Gemfile

gem 'acts-as-taggable-on', '= 2.0.2'

To make captcha work place this in your Gemfile

gem 'fattr'

Now run bundle install in your application's directory at command line.

Note: If you are already using acts-as-taggable-on in your app, you may want to remove the migration file for "tags/taggings" tables.

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