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A savegame visualizer for Paradox Interactive's Europa Universalis IV that renders the political map mode over time as a configurable video using ffmpeg.

Sample map preview


  • Install ffmpeg.
  • Install a recent Node.js.
  • Clone / Download this repository.
  • npm install


  • Change config/default.js to match your game path and output preferences. See configuration for details.
  • node app.js [path to your uncompressed save file]

Make sure EU4 is installed in the specified directory and ffmpeg is in your path. You can use ffmpeg to produce a gif: ffmpeg -ss 00:00:00.000 -i out/video1.mp4 -pix_fmt rgb24 -r 1 -t 00:00:10.000 output.gif


  • Use a recent version of Node.js. Tested with 6.5.0, but should work in older versions.
  • Should work with every version of EU4 (last tested with 1.19.)
  • Make sure that the save file and the installed EU4 version match (otherwise provinces are not colored correctly)
  • Mods that change the map are supported: change the appropriate paths in the configuration.


Change config/default.js to match your game path and preferences.

Key Description Options
EU4_PATH Absolute path to EU4 directory Default is Windows x64 Steam directory
map.width Width in pixels of output frames Integer
map.climate, map.countries, map.definition, map.history, map.provinces Relative path from base directory to data files. Do not change in unmodded environment!
map.colors.sea, map.colors.wasteland Colors used for oceans and wastelands respectively Any RGB value in the format {red: int, green: int, blue: int}
map.colors.overrides Colors by tag that should be used instead of default colors. Format: 'TAG': {red: int, green: int, blue: int}. Use 'NAT' for Natives/uncolonized provinces.
video.framesPerPart Split video in parts of X frames. By default, save2vid will split the output video into parts of fixed size to prevent a limitation of ffmpeg on Windows. Integer. Default is 250.
video.parallelize If multiple parts are produced, parallelize their creation. This will use significantly more resources, but reduce the processing time on more powerful systems. true / false(default)
video.outputPath Function that will be invoked to generate the name of video parts. Will be invoked with the part's index as single argument.
video.options Function that will be invoked to determine the options supplied to ffmpeg via videoshow. Will be invoked with the map width as single argument. This allows to scale the video accordingly. See videoshow documentation for more options.


A savegame visualizer for Europa Universalis IV using ffmpeg.




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