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There was recent buzz about the W3C GEO API and good news is that Firefox + Safari + Opera + Chrome has started to support the spec. This greatly simplifies the effort of building true Location Based Applications, where location of the user is not just determined by the geo IP but from combination of Wifi Access point and other location service provider, And not to forget that web app developers will no longer have to rely on dirty techniques or third-party plugin provider for tracing users location.

While the W3C API is straight-forward and is responsible for retrieving user’s geo Lat-Lng , It isnt enough for quickly building Rails apps to make sensible application, GeoMereLaal makes use of W3C API + Google’s reverse geocoding to precisely Auto-fill user’s address details in existing forms. So that with zero effort, you can turn your existing forms into Geo-Location aware forms.

- Takes care of browser & compliance detection and Auto downgrades itself if W3C Geo API is not supported.
- Hides all callbacks and error handling automatically, i.e it does not force you to set any callback manually (as in actual w3c API).
- Exposes clean form helper interfaces ( they can take all options which apply to text_field helper ).
- Easy to install and configure.

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