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undefined method `originator' for nil:NilClass #9

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I'm not sure why this is passing a nil-value pfeed_item.

This is the last item in the table:

 #<PfeedItem id: 4, type: nil, originator_id: 26, originator_type: "User", participant_id: nil, participant_type: nil, data: {:action_string=>"gived account", :originator_identity=>"User(#26)"}, expiry: nil, created_at: "2011-06-23 16:59:03", updated_at: "2011-06-23 16:59:03">]

This is the error and the stack trace:

 undefined method `originator' for nil:NilClass 
 Extracted source (around line #1):

 1: <%= pfeed_item.guess_identification(pfeed_item.originator) -%>
 2:  <%=[:action_string] -%>
 3:  about <%= time_ago_in_words(pfeed_item.created_at) -%> ago  

I checked, the current_user.pfeed_inbox does in fact generate a value so it should be passing an array to collections.


solved it

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