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Personaltokens governance of token distribution


People can create their own personal tokens and send them as bonus/rewards to anyone who they want to reward.

Purpose of governance system:

  • Management and distribution of the utility token of the system.
  • Utility token governance is like corporate governance.

Technology used

Communication: Telegram

Voting: Aragon, 1-token-1-vote

No identity solution.

Reason we chose that technology

  • Aragon was the most developed frontend technology when we launched.

Governed objects and mechanisms:

  • We govern the distribution of the utility token of Personaltoken. Distribution of voting power so people can’t dump tokens.
  • Membership in decision making now is 6 founders and advisors of the team. Considering criteria for having others join the DAO group.
  • Proposal was made to freeze tokens for vesting, but that is being heavily tested before implementation because once it’s implemented, it can’t be reversed.
  • Anyone (inside or outside voting group) can make a proposal.
  • Proposals are made for development and marketing/promotion of the platform.
  • Once someone posts a proposal they begin to campaign for the proposal on the telegram group.
  • Voting is 1-person-1-vote.
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