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Digital Cash, peer-to-peer digital currency.

History & key events

Objects of governance & Used mechanics


Masternode Operators (MNOs) are key actors in the Dash network. Dash Masternodes (MNs) provide certain services (InstantSend and PrivateSend) to users, receive 45% of the block reward, and collectively control the project’s development fund through voting. A MNO can operate multiple MNs.


Each month, DASH dispenses 10% of the block rewards for that month in a superblock. This DASH is distributed to the wallets associated with treasury budget proposals which have scored highly enough to receive a payout. MNOs vote Yes, No or Abstain to proposals, on the basis of one vote per MN. Money is available by default, not allocated budget coins are not minted.

Funds distribution

There is a voting threshold which determines whether a proposal will be funded: a net Yes vote greater than 10% of all MNs. The threshold formula is: (YES votes — NO votes) > (Total Number of Masternodes / 10). Formal submission of a proposal costs a fee of 5 DASH.

Network Stats (on April 2019)

  • 6,176 DASH distributed on April (~$730k), around that amount is distributed on monthly basis
  • 4,769 masternodes
  • 295 proposals approved out of 474
  • 18.7% – median amount of masternode participation


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