Restart an electron app as a detached process
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This module restart the app as a detached electron process, allowing an electron app to be started from terminal and survive parent process closure.

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npm install --save electron-detach


  const electronDetach = require('electron-detach');

  //returns true if your process is a detached child process
  if (electronDetach({ requireCmdlineArg: false })) {
       //turn the app on


Calling electronDetach() returns true if current process is already detached from the terminal. If calling electronDetach() returns false the process will be killed as soon a detached one is spawned.

If calling electronDetach() returns true, this means that it is good to start your app now. If it returns false, your process will shortly be terminated.

const electronDetach = require('electron-detach');
  //Turn your app on, as your app is in a process that is not going to be killed
} else {
  //Your app is going to be killed. Respond accordingly

Option argument

An optional object containing following property:

  • requireCmdlineArg

only restart the app if --detach command line argument is present. Defaults to false.

  • outputPath

Path to a file where stdout and stderr of detached process will be redirected. Defaults to /dev/null


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2015 Andrea Parodi