Context menu for electron input elements.
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Context menu for electron input elements.

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npm install --save electron-input-menu


This module expose a middleware for electron-contextmenu-middleware.

To use input context menu, you have to require this module and electron-contextmenu-middleware in renderer process and then mount this module as a middleware.

  const inputMenu = require('electron-input-menu');
  const context = require('electron-contextmenu-middleware');



Keyboard shortcuts

electron-input-menu can also register shortcuts on DOM document object to handle copy, paste, cut, selectAll, undo and redo action. This is useful if your app doesn't provide an "Edit" menu that can handle this shortcuts.

To activate the shortcuts, call the registerShortcuts method in renderer process.

  const inputMenu = require('electron-input-menu');

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The MIT License (MIT)

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