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$include 't/common.winxed';
function main[main]() {
Rosella.Test.test(class EmptySubTest);
class EmptySubTest {
// This has a variety of tests based on compiling an empty sub
// Most of what is "expected" was simply tested experimentally
// These may change based on changes in IMCC
function test_empty_sub() {
var assert = self.assert;
// Get a PACT.Packfile
var pact = decompile(compile(<<:
.namespace [] # workaround for IMCC bug
.sub 'empty_sub'
// Some simple tests
assert.is_null(pact.main, 'no main');
assert.equal(0, pact.uuid_type, 'no UUID type');
assert.equal('', pact.uuid, 'no UUID');
// No floats
assert.equal(0, elements(pact.floats), 'no floats');
// Two PMCs: 1 sub (empty_sub), 1 empty FIA for PCC
assert.equal(2, elements(pact.pmcs), '2 PMCs');
var fia;
var sub;
for (var pmc in pact.pmcs) {
switch(typeof(pmc)) {
case 'FixedIntegerArray':
fia = pmc;
// XXX: At some point, this might be a PACT.Packfile.Subroutine
case 'Sub':
sub = pmc;
default:'Unexpected PMC Constant');
assert.not_null(fia, 'got FIA');
assert.equal(0, elements(fia), 'FIA is empty (PCC)');
assert.not_null(sub, 'got Sub');
assert.equal('empty_sub', string(sub));
// 4 strings: filename, subname, empty, 'parrot'
assert.equal(4, elements(pact.strings), '4 strings');
var strings = {};
int nulls;
for (string s in pact.strings) {
if(s == null)
++nulls; // hashes complain about storing nulls
strings[s] = 1;
assert.equal(1, nulls, '1 null string'); // XXX: Why?
assert.equal(1, strings['parrot'], 'HLL namespace name');
assert.equal(1, strings['empty_sub'], 'sub name');
assert.equal(1, strings['(file unknown)'], 'file name');
// 1 oplib: core_ops
assert.equal(1, elements(pact.oplibs), '1 oplib');
var core_ops = pact.oplibs['core_ops'];
assert.not_null(core_ops, 'have core_ops');
assert.instance_of(core_ops, 'OpLib', 'core_ops is OpLib');
// Check namespaces
assert.instance_of(pact.root, class PACT.Packfile.Namespace);
assert.equal(1, elements(pact.root.contents), '1 object in root');
var parrot = pact.root.contents['parrot'];
assert.not_null(parrot, 'have a parrot');
assert.instance_of(parrot, class PACT.Packfile.Namespace);
assert.equal(1, elements(parrot.contents), '1 object in parrot');
// Check sub
var empty_sub = parrot.contents['empty_sub'];
assert.not_null(empty_sub, 'have an empty_sub');
assert.instance_of(empty_sub, class PACT.Packfile.Subroutine);
// Check ops
assert.equal(5, elements(empty_sub.ops));
var op;
var arg;
// Debug w/ filename
op = empty_sub.ops[0];
assert.instance_of(op, class PACT.Packfile.Debug, 'got debug');
assert.equal('(file unknown)', op.filename, 'have filename');
// Label for PC 0
op = empty_sub.ops[1];
assert.instance_of(op, class PACT.Packfile.Label, 'got Label 1');
assert.equal('_0',, 'is PC 0 label');
// set_returns []
op = empty_sub.ops[2];
assert.instance_of(op, class PACT.Packfile.Op, 'got Op 1');
assert.equal('set_returns',, 'PCC set_returns');
assert.equal(1, elements(op.args), 'set_returns has 1 arg');
arg = op.args[0];
assert.instance_of(arg, class PACT.Packfile.Constant.Reference,
'set_returns uses a constant');
assert.equal(PARROT_ARG_PMC, arg.type, 'set_returns uses PMC const');
arg = pact.pmcs[arg.value];
assert.instance_of(arg, 'FixedIntegerArray', 'set_returns uses FIA');
assert.equal(0, elements(arg), 'set_returns FIA empty');
// Label for PC 2
op = empty_sub.ops[3];
assert.instance_of(op, class PACT.Packfile.Label, 'got Label 2');
assert.equal('_2',, 'is PC 2 label');
// returncc
op = empty_sub.ops[4];
assert.instance_of(op, class PACT.Packfile.Op, 'got Op 2');
assert.equal('returncc',, 'PCC returncc');
assert.equal(0, elements(op.args), 'returncc has no args');
# vim: se ft=winxed :
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