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# For type bits
$include_const 'call_bits.pasm';
# Rosella classes (headers load PBC)
$include 'Rosella/Core.winxed';
$include 'Rosella/Test.winxed';
# PACT classes
$include 'PACT/Packfile.winxed';
$include 'PACT/Packfile/Decompile.winxed';
# Load PACT (Decompile loads Packfile)
$load 'PACT/Packfile/Decompile.pbc';
function compile(string pir) {
var imcc = compreg('PIR');
var view = imcc.compile(pir);
var pack = new 'Packfile'(view);
return pack;
function decompile(var packfile) {
:PACT.Packfile.Decompile decomp(packfile);
return decomp.pact;
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