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Update TODO with recent news

Mention the GSoC proposal and the src/packfile directories, since
they're rather relevant to anyone wanting to work on the project.
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## Short Term
+Most of the items in this list are the subject of a GSoC 2012 proposal by
* Flesh out design docs where needed <br />
Input from HLL authors _very_ welcome!
* But don't get caught up designing things we aren't implementing
@@ -16,6 +19,9 @@ The next steps for that are:
* Setup infrastructure to _build_ said class.
* Setup test to test said class
+`src/packfile/` contains the beginning of a set of classes to handle PBC
+files in a structured way. It's mostly full of design notes and ideas.
## Long Term
One of the main motivations of PACT is generating bytecode. Instead of

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