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Currently the project is in the planning stages and this repository contains
notes and design documents. Assistance, forks, and commentary are welcome!
+PACT is written in Winxed and requires the
+[Rosella]( library to build and test.
+However, no dependency on Rosella should be required for the compiled
+Repository Tour
+### Makefile / setup.winxed
+The Makefile is just a thin wrapper around a distutils/Rosella based
+setup.winxed. You can give either one the following commands:
+* `build` (the default): builds all libraries and programs
+* `test`: runs all tests in the the `t/` directory
+* `install`: Installs the libraries and programs in the same location as Parrot
+* `clean`: Removes all libraries, programs, and intermediate files.
+### docs
+This directory contains Markdown files that are design documents for PACT.
+### pact
+This directory includes the actual PACT library. The library is built in
+pieces. Each section of the library is either a single winxed file or a
+directory containing winxed files that are collected together into a single
+### src
+This directory includes sources for all the programs created by this
+project. The resulting executable is prefixed with `pact_` and is based on
+the filename of the source. At the moment this is just `pact_disasm` which
+is built from `src/disasm.winxed`.
+### t
+This directory includes the tests for the PACT library. Each test file
+should end with `.t` and output TAP. (Generally by way of the Rosella.Test
Project Goals

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