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This is a Brainfuck interpreter for Parrot. Brainfuck is a full
computer programming language with only eight commands. For more
information, see or
To compile the files:
$ parrot setup.pir
To check that the compiler is working:
$ parrot setup.pir test
To run an example Brainfuck program:
$ ../../parrot bf.pasm
There is also a compiler:
$ ../../parrot bfc.pir
Clifford Wolf <clifford (at)> contributed a nice bf
$ cat cw.txt
$ ../../parrot bf.pasm < cw.txt > cw.c
$ cc -o cw cw.c
$ ./cw
If you want to run it faster, use the bf compiler:
$ ../../parrot -j bfc.pir < cw.txt > cw.c
Leon Brocard <>