Some work done for CardinalRange #11

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qiuhw added some commits May 21, 2011
@qiuhw qiuhw t/range/to_s.t now passes.
Add another multi method for initialization of Range to handle three parameters,
fix a bug in Range#to_s, and since Symbols are not yet implemented, use key=value
pair instead of Symbol in t/range/to_s.t, so that t/range/to_s.t now passes.
@qiuhw qiuhw [t/range/to_s.t] forgot to bump "plan 1;" to "plan 2;" 2a0211b
@qiuhw qiuhw Range#!from_exclusive has gone, and Range#!to_exclusive is now simply…
… Range#!exclusive.

Ruby don't have !from_exclusive. And if cardinal is supposed to have !from_exclusive, then
I don't know what, to, from_exclusive=true, to_exclusive=true).to_s is supposed
to output.
@qiuhw qiuhw pod fixes and some other minor changes for src/classes/Range.pir. 73d3bbf
@tadzik tadzik merged commit fa2ff00 into parrot:master May 21, 2011
Parrot Virtual Machine member

Awesome. The TAP output looks so much nicer now :)

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