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I'm so late, because I had a high fever.

setup.winxed allows almost targets of setup.pir.
'smoke' and 'test' works but not fully, because seems like WINXED does not allows named parmeters in pir.
so 'runtests' cannot be called and it causes 'no test'.
I'm not sure it's bug but I'll report it to NotFound then modify this problems.

And some codes are very dirty but they will be fixed.

$ winxed --version
$ winxed setup.winxed test

Files=28, Tests=0, 0.172 wallclock secs <<<<<< HERE, "Tests=0"
Result: FAIL
creat report.tar.gz

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Winxed pirops are not, and will never be, a generic inlining pir feature. They don't expect pir sintactic sugar, just take an op and its operands, and the operands are winxed expressions.

All parrot calling conventions are supported via modifiers in parameters and arguments. No pir required.

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@NotFound: can you help refactor this so the smoke and test targets work? I don't have the tuits.

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Fixed and added in the branch winxed_setup, 3f3b4a7

@lateau lateau setup.winxed
this is a replacement of setup.pir
all targets of setup.pir are supported and works now:
  * build
  * test
  * install
  * uninstall
  * clean
  * update
  * plumage
  * sdist
  * bdist
  * smoke
  * help
  * clean: remove rpm directory and it's subdirectories also
  * build: build target will be runed before sdist and bdist
Thanks NotFound++

setup.winxed is tested with winxed1.2.0 and works now.
I found a way from comments of NotFound to me.
I tested the builder on fedora15 amd64 and osx10.7 only, so more tests are needed on some other machine.

many thanks:

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This looks good. Is there a reason the POD is commented out?


Because I got a error message with pod in winxed "setup.winxed:3: Unexpected token near =".
And I cannot found any informations of pod with winxed at these pages:

Anyway, If we can use pod for some informations in winxed, that's much pretty better than some others.

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much better!


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not merged. is NotFound doing this?

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Accidentally closed this before, without pressing the shiny merge button first.

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