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Cardinal is a Ruby compiler for Parrot Virtual Machine.

The parser is fairly complete.  The standard library exists, but still needs filling out.

Cardinal's parser is very *very* slow. You can precompile to PIR with --target=pir and run the result with Parrot directly to skip the parsing phase. (You may need cardinal.pbc in the same directory for this to work.)

Cardinal is back in active development, under the stewardship of Ted Reed <>.

We also have an IRC channel: #cardinal on

You are also invited to #parrot on

= Building from source =

After obtaining the source code, run:

    parrot setup.pir

To run some tests run:

    parrot setup.pir test

Note that some of them will probably fail, as Cardinal is not yet complete

If you want to install Cardinal to your Parrot install directory, run:

    parrot setup.pir install

The compiler will be available as parrot-cardinal
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