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# this is the test program for the forth implementation targeting parrot.
# this script can be passed the names of any number of test files. each test is
# a series of input/output pairs, with optional comments that start with #s.
# the first non-blank, non-comment line is considered the first input. the line
# immediately following that is the first output line. the output can be either
# the stack (where the elements are joined by a space) or the message of a
# thrown exception.
.loadlib 'io_ops'
.sub 'main' :main
.param pmc args
$S0 = shift args
load_language 'forth'
.local pmc it
it = iter args
unless it goto done
$S0 = shift it
goto next_file
# test(filename)
# Test a particular filename: read it, parse it, compare the input/output.
.sub 'test'
.param string filename
.local pmc file
file = new 'FileHandle'
.local string input, expected
.local int num_of_tests
num_of_tests = 0
input = next_line(file)
if null input goto done
if input == "" goto next_test
expected = next_line(file)
if null expected goto missing_output
inc num_of_tests
is(input, expected, num_of_tests)
goto next_test
print "1.."
print num_of_tests
print "\n"
print "Missing test output for test #"
inc num_of_tests
print num_of_tests
print "\n"
exit 1
.sub 'next_line' :anon
.param pmc file
.local string line
line = file.'readline'()
if line == '' goto end_of_file
$S0 = substr line, 0, 1
if $S0 == "\n" goto next_line
if $S0 == "\r" goto next_line
if $S0 == "#" goto next_line
line = chomp(line)
.return (line)
null line
.return (line)
.sub 'chomp' :anon
.param string str
$I0 = index str, "\r"
if $I0 < 0 goto L1
str = substr str, 0, $I0
$I1 = index str, "\n"
if $I1 < 0 goto L2
str = substr str, 0, $I1
.return (str)
# is(forth code, expected output, test number)
# An individual test. Execute the forth code and compare one of the following:
# 1) the first line of stdout
# 2) the stack
# 3) the exception message
.sub 'is'
.param string input
.param string expected
.param int test_num
.local pmc forth
forth = compreg 'forth'
.local pmc interp, stdout
stdout = getstdout
.local pmc fh
fh = new 'StringHandle'
fh.'open'('dummy', 'wr')
setstdout fh
push_eh exception
$P0 = forth(input)
.local pmc stack
stack = $P0()
setstdout stdout
.local string output
output = fh.'readline'()
if output != "" goto compare
output = join " ", stack
goto compare
.local pmc except
.get_results (except)
setstdout stdout
output = except
if output == expected goto ok
print "not ok "
print test_num
print "\n"
print "# Failed test\n"
print "# got: '"
print output
print "'\n"
print "# expected: '"
print expected
print "'\n"
print "ok "
print test_num
print "\n"
# Local Variables:
# mode: pir
# fill-column: 100
# End:
# vim: expandtab shiftwidth=4 ft=pir: